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October 27th,2021

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Workshops + Presenters for Forum 2020

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9:15am – 10:25am Workshops

4 Sherri Richards

Finding your North Star for the 2020s

The COVID-19 virus continues to create an unprecedented and life-altering effect on life as we know it, both locally and worldwide. That said, every one of us continues to reinvent, redefine, and recreate our lives, personally and professionally, daily. This continual adjustment requires us to be clear about where we are right now and where we want to go. For many of us, this process can feel overwhelming. Where do I even start, we ask? Using creative, practical, and grounded processes, Sherri Richards from Good Fat Life magazine will be your guide in this dynamic and highly interactive workshop as you create a visual map of all things possible and how you want to live in the 2020s. This map will include work/life vision and activities, the finances required, and what exquisite self-care looks like for you. It will be your North Star as you build your next decade’s strategic plan. When you leave this workshop, you will have the tools that include:

1) My version of a mind map (a diagram used to organize information visually).

2) Worksheets that are aligned to support the elements identified in the mind map.

3) Target numbers that are aligned to support the factors identified in the mind map and worksheets.

5 Kate Weber
5 Daryl Robbins

Effective Communication Systems to Positively Impact Organizational Culture and Climate

Kate Weber and Daryl Robbins will facilitate a discussion about the role of effective communication in organizational culture and climate. This will include the importance of difficult conversations, types of communication, and the five C’s of communication. Participants will discuss these concepts as applicable to their current contexts and begin to develop communication plans to strengthen their organizations.

2 Cherisa Allen

Think It, Speak It, Walk in It...

We as women take care of everyone except ourselves. We place the needs of others above our own. On a daily basis, women are expected to balance work/family/relationships and the lives of others without showing emotions. Self-improvement can only happen when we make self-care a daily part of our existence. This workshop will allow women to take a closer look at themselves, without judgment, situating themselves in a place where they can receive all that is owed to them—physically, mentally, and emotionally. It will remind women that being selfish is a necessary part of self-improvement and self-care if we want to be in alignment with our purpose. This workshop will also provide an interactive space where women can identify areas of needed improvement and how to begin moving forward without being bombarded by others' words and thoughts.

1 Barbara Bowman

Learn How to Make Best Use of Your Tendency for Lasting Success

Learn the FUN and EASY way to increase your happiness and reach your personal and professional goals with Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies! 

With 2020 fading into the rear-view mirror of your life, it’s time to reflect and plan ahead for the next new year. I can’t help but brag because I've succeeded in keeping EVERY, SINGLE ONE of my New Year's resolutions, despite the challenges of 2020. If you need a resolution tune up for 2021, I have good news! I’ve discovered the secret you can use to keep your mind, body and soul resolutions in 2021 and beyond! 

This session is for you if you've ever asked yourself: 

  • "WHY do I keep shooting myself in the foot?" 
  • "WHY can’t I do this ONE simple thing?" 
  • "WHY do I keep making the SAME mistakes over and over again?" 
  • “WHEN will I finally be able to... (lose weight, get in shape, have a happy relationship, earn what I’m worth etc...)?” 

You need to know your tendency! Attend this session to design and implement your success plan. Together we’ll analyze our tendencies and use this knowledge to increase your effectiveness AND your happiness.

10:40am – 11:50am Workshops

7 Sarah Brabbs

Purpose, Passion, and Money in an Online World

If you're interested in learning how to take what you do online in a way that is authentic to who you are, helpful for others, makes money, and is affordable for your clients, this is the workshop to attend.

Sarah Brabbs is an author, speaker, and coach who spent seven years helping clients primarily in person; she pivoted in the fall of 2019 to reaching people primarily online, and she's helped others do the same.

In this experiential workshop, come ready to work! Sarah will help you figure out if what you want to do is achievable online, make a plan, and tackle common blocks you're likely to run into.

8 Helene Gidley

Managing Life's Chaos with Personal Kanban

You’ve got doctor appointments to schedule for yourself and your family, your next report is due in two days, the car needs gas, you need to schedule your kids’ summer camp before all the slots fill up, your email in-box has over 100 messages, and your first meeting is in 10 minutes. Does this sound like your day? If you’re like many of us, your daily life is filled with numerous tasks, projects, and duties that sometimes overwhelm even the best planners. Does pulling an all-nighter sound familiar to you? Often we let these things fester and languish only to overwhelm us later in a flurry of last minute to-do’s that quickly turns into utter chaos. How can you tackle this chaos and turn it into something manageable? The solution can be simpler than you may think: Personal Kanban.

Kanban is a lean method used to manage and improve work across systems or processes. This hands-on, interactive workshop will teach you how to use the Kanban method for your personal activities by focusing on simplicity, visualization, and prioritization of your tasks. You will leave with an actionable plan for taming your daily chaos.

Helene has been using a form of this method since approximately 2007 and the process has been her constant companion through graduations, weddings, holiday plans, and work commitments. Through her dedication to this process she’s maintained a regular exercise regime, kept key items moving, avoided any last minute panics or rushes, and obtained 7- 8 hours of sleep nightly.

Come and develop your own personal Kanban system to turn your daily chaos into a manageable process.

9 Erika_Tebbens_2019

Sell it Sister!: Simple & Ethical Ways to Grow Your Revenue and Change the World

Women entrepreneurs have some of the most-needed businesses on the planet, but anxieties around sales and marketing often stop them in their tracks. Not only does this negatively impact their success, but it robs them of the opportunity to help other women rise around them.

Statistically, women with wealth (meaning any excess of money, not just millions and billions) are more likely to reinvest a portion of that money back into their local communities and global organizations. Plus, the bigger a business grows, the more people you can enrich by hiring them to help support you as you grow. This creates a cash-positive ripple effect.

But none of this is possible if you struggle to sell your products or services. The good news is that it's actually quite easy to have simple, sleaze-free sales and marketing strategies in place for your business so you can show up and more confidently serve others. With some practical tips and mindset shifts you'll learn how to show up for the right people and sell to them with ease.

3 Regina Hall

“Leading Beyond Adversity” How to Pivot as a Leader

Participants will be encouraged to internalize what they’re learning by increasing their self- awareness and understanding as it relates to the ideas, and intentionally applying practical application to their lives and putting small steps into action for more effective leadership. The participants will be guided through a discussion to explore their thoughts, values, and decisions. The discussions are to help participants consider, create, and implement small, daily, practical steps that will enable them to find and leverage the advantages of going beyond adversities.

1:15pm - 2:15pm
Panel Discussion
Vision 20/20: 
Redesigning the Paradigm for a New Decade



Tina has a passion for helping others, personal development, and comedy! Her energy is highest when in service to others, learning new things, engaging with people, and eating tacos!

During the summer of her adolescence, she enjoyed watching talk show hosts Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Ricki Lake, which she credits for her interviewing, listening, and sarcasm skills. Tina thinks it also may have inadvertently caused her to miss curfew often in high school — too much talking and too late!

Her passion for helping and learning about others led her to a local start-up, LoanSense, a digital student loan advisor. To date, the average monthly loan repayment savings is $769, and the projected average loan forgiveness is $84,932. Tina works with employers, financial advisors, fintech websites, and mortgage teams to help individuals lower their student loan payments and start living their dream, buying a home, traveling, getting married, starting a family, and more!

Her other adorations are playing board games with her family, traveling with her family (most recently camping because of Covid), reading, yoga, meditation, and anything that gets her moving and her heart rate up, which includes tacos, of course!

Jessica Jackson


Jessica Jackson brings a background of social justice dialogue facilitation, restorative justice practices, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting to instructional design. She is a TEDx speaker and an award-winning educator. She is the current xAPI Cohort Host and an Instructional Designer and Project Manager at TorranceLearning. In her spare time, she serves on the Board of Directors of her neighborhood association and enjoys bonfires, yoga, thrifting, and spending time with her wife and dogs.

Ariel Wan


Ariel Wan is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. She is your go-to person to talk about how to increase sales numbers with organic and paid marketing tactics. Ariel utilizes an integrated approach to get more reach, clicks, and ultimately leads and conversions. As an effective leader and strategist, Ariel is currently the Director of Media, Marketing and Attraction at McKinley Companies, LLC. She believes in honest communications and responsible marketing. On the weekends, you'll most likely find her on the B2B trail riding her bike with her husband and two-year-old son.



Emily McGuire is the Owner and Chief Email Marketer at Flourish & Grit: an email marketing and automation studio.

She helps businesses uncover hidden revenue in their email lists by pairing a business's unique customer journey and high-converting copywriting.

With lessons learned over a decade in tech and e-commerce, sending thousands of email campaigns, and earning clients over $80 million in email campaign revenue, Emily loves sharing the time-tested strategies of email marketing done well.

You’ll typically find Emily with a cup of coffee in hand because #momlife. When her head isn’t in her laptop, you can find her chasing her toddler, reading a book, or binging trashy TV.

2:30pm – 3:40pm Workshops

6 Rubina Headshot

The New Tricks: Seizing Opportunities For Change in the Next Decade

The question to ask yourself over the next 10 years is: "What do I have to offer?" Now more than ever, in order to launch, we must look for opportunities in unexpected places. Your formula doesn’t mean you need a new trade—it means you need to evaluate and manage your current skill set. To help you commit to times that are changing, you will be introduced to a blueprint called The 30-Day Program: identify, research, action, and practice. This design will demonstrate a formula to manage your strengths and weaknesses, exercise your leadership muscle for daily life situations—personal, business, charity, society, academics, hobbies, and recreation—in order to keep you ahead of the game.

12 Lindsey Rogers

Get Out of Your Own Way: Tools to Transform Imposter Syndrome into a New Superpower So You Can Break Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling

While glass ceilings for women exist all over society, some of the biggest obstacles that we women face on the way to our next level of impact are in our own minds.

No matter what they've already achieved, highly capable and competent women often suffer from imposter syndrome and self-doubt, which leads to internal “glass ceilings” — limits to growth and progress we unconsciously set for ourselves. In this workshop, social impact leadership and life coach Lindsey Rogers will not only guide you to locate the symptoms of impostor syndrome in your life and the limiting beliefs that drive them, but she will teach you some tools to dissolve the unconscious limits you've set for yourself. With these tools, you'll start to create new neural pathways that will unlock your potential and support your growth and development to your next level of leadership and beyond.

10 Karen head shot compressed

Managing Virtually and with Emotional Intelligence

Up to 75% of employees are working remotely during COVID-19, and many have indicated a desire to continue to work remotely or with a greater degree of flexibility even post-pandemic. Managing virtual teams requires a different—and more emotionally intelligent—set of leadership skills, including an increased awareness of the needs of diverse individuals. Please join this session to identify and discuss strategies to enable connection and engagement with your valued team members when working remotely/virtually.

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