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WXW Forum 2023 Schedule

8:00am - 8:50am // Breakfast & Opening Remarks

8:50am - 10:10am // Best Practices for Networking Presentation & Activity

10:10am - 10:30am // Break

10:30am - 11:50am // Morning Workshop

11:50am - 1:45pm // Lunch Break & Panel Discussion

1:45pm - 2:00pm // Break

2:00pm - 3:20pm // Afternoon Workshop

3:20pm - 3:35pm // Break

3:35pm - 4:00pm // Exchange

4:00pm - 5:00pm // Networking Reception & Door Prizes

This year’s theme “We Are All One,” was chosen to highlight our shared experiences of the challenges of being a woman in today’s workforce while amplifying and honoring diverse perspectives. Our goal is to support other women-identifying folks in embracing an authentic professional identity and harnessing the strength to lead in today’s world. We're committed to ensuring our attendees receive actionable, timely solutions for each stage of business. But more importantly, we’re working to create a transformative, community-building experience that reflects our shared vision for a more equitable, empowered future of work for women.

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Workshops + Presenters for Forum 2023

Check out the amazing facilitators who are bringing the awesome this year!

Morning Workshops

Nikki Patterson
Nikki Patterson Red Oaks Leadership (1)

Find Your Why - The Key to Joyful & Impactful Leadership

Nikki Patterson, Partner, Coach & Facilitator at White Pine Leadership Collective

As a successful female leader, do you often feel stuck on a hamster wheel that keeps spinning faster but you can't seem to get off ? Do you feel exhausted by the thought of doing what it takes to move to the next level of leadership? Many leaders, especially high achieving women, feel that the way they are leading and living today simply isn't sustainable.

Research shows that much of this sense of overwhelm is due to living out of alignment with what really matters to you. When you are clear on your values and make intentional choices that are in line with those values, you are more likely to feel happier and more impactful in the work that you do.

In this workshop, we will explore what your values are, what they mean to you, and check in with how well you are living out those values today in your personal and professional life. You will walk out with your own list of defined values, and concrete action steps that you can take to better live out those values.

Ariel Wan Mckinley

Make Generative AI Work for YOU!

Ariel Wan, Director of Marketing at McKinley Companies

ChatGPT, BARD, COPY.AI, DALL-E, Midjourney... there are so many generative AI technologies popping up as AI learns more and more.

By the time you're done reading this description, the world of AI is already different.

Should we be afraid? Is it a fad? Are we going to lose jobs? No. No. Not necessarily. As a Marketing professional, I've leaned into using AI and made it my B! You work for me!

Let's talk about where the state of AI is, where it's going and how you can use generative AI, like ChatGPT, to help you work smarter, not harder.

Jen Laidlaw
Jen Laidlaw TW_Logo

Stop the mad(ness)! How Effective Leaders Deal with Anger

Jen Laidlaw, Owner and Talent Development Consultant at TeamWerks

Is it just me, or do people seem more angry lately? Quick to judge, quickly frustrated, and quick to get mad- sometimes the anger can lead to heated arguments, broken relationships, or worse.

In the workplace, we’re asking our leaders- that’s YOU- to handle angry team members, angry customers, and angry clients- all while keeping your cool and getting work done. It’s a lot to ask. In this session, we’ll:

  • Examine where anger comes from and how we currently respond to anger
  • Discuss a framework for effectively interacting with angry team members, clients, and all kinds of humans to change angry or stressful situations into trust-building opportunities.
  • Practice the framework with each other
Cherisa Allen
Cherisa Logo

Write the Vision, Make It Plain.

Cherisa Allen, Speaker, Trainer, and Transformational Life Coach

This will be a one hour Workshop for women in business, women who are establishing a new business, and women who are evaluating the field of entrepreneurship.

See it, Touch It Obtain It...Writing the Vision and Making it Plain, so that you may run with it! It all begins with Visioning.
Cherisa will begin with an ice-breaker where women will explore how they see themselves. Recognizing how we think of ourselves is a key aspect in our growth, both personal and professional.

She will then guide the participants in Writing their Vision. The participant will develop personal and professional goals (and for the woman who has set her goals), she can reflect, review, and revise, if necessary.

The participants will explore their Purpose, Passion and Why and we will then move to identifying what interrupts our thought patterns; keeping them stagnant and complacent.

Afternoon Workshops

Joni Woods

Effective and Non-Violent Communication

Joni Woods, Founder and Relationship Coach at Journey Coaching

“I feel so sentenced by your words, I feel so judged and sent away, before I go I’ve got to know, is that what you mean to say? Before I rise to my defense, Before I speak in hurt or fear, Before I build that wall of words, Tell me, did I really hear?” by Ruth Bebermeyer.

Relationships are at the core of our everyday life, and the quality of those relationships hinge on how effectively we communicate with each other. At this event, you will learn the basics principles to effectively and in a non-violent way, communicate in any relationship; be it professional, peer or personal.

Learning principles include understanding the various lenses that we wear and how it affects our communication and listening skills. How to avoid gaslighting in a conversation by reframing. How to avoid making assumptions and snap judgements, and learning to ask questions first. Hands on - Reviewing various situations in which miscommunication affected a team and how to approach the situations in a more effective way.

Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy Pearl Planning

Master Your Money: 10 Financial Strategies for Every Woman

Melissa Joy, Founder and Financial Planner at Pearl Planning

Money can be intimidating and what I know from years of working with families and individuals is that regardless of your net worth (from thousands to millions), people collectively share insecurity when it comes to money.

Many women want to do something, but don't know where to start.

This workshop will delve into money mindset as well as concrete, actionable strategies that can be employed by anyone. We will have a powerpoint presentation with a handout for personalized action steps.

Amy Cell Talent Logo

See Something, Say Something

Amy Cell, President, HR Specialist at Amy Cell, LLC

This workshop provides participants with intervention tools and strategies that would help them to appropriately intervene when they witness inappropriate behavior in the workplace. This workshop empowers participants to do something when they see something.

Amy leads a human resources consulting firm that helps employers and communities solve their talent challenges.Prior to launching her practice in 2015, Cell was the Senior Vice President of Talent Enhancement for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Other human resources roles include Ann Arbor SPARK, Ford & the Stanford Research Institute. She also worked as a CPA for Plante & Moran before realizing that she liked people more than numbers. Amy received her BBA and MBA from the University of Michigan, where she is also on the faculty.

Janet Max
Antoinette James

Writing About Yourself: Crafting Compelling Stories, from First-Person Blogs to Professional Profiles

Janet Max, Principal; Writer, Editor, Connector, Consultant at Enhanced Endeavors, LLC
Antoinette James, Former Detroit Police Officer

Writing about yourself, whether it is capturing your professional persona for your LinkedIn “About” section or relating personal stories in a blog, can be intimidating, difficult, and stressful. Or—it can be a satisfying exercise in capturing what is unique and intriguing about you and sharing it with the world!

Join memoirist Antoinette James and editor, writer, and former English teacher Janet Max for a workshop packed with tips for telling your stories—both professional and personal—in a way that engages the reader and conveys your desired message.

We will provide examples of great professional profiles and first-person blog posts to inspire you, and the two (painless!) writing exercises you will complete during the workshop will get you in the groove of crafting the wonderful stories you have to tell.


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