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Don’t Waste Time Feeling Guilty

Posted by on May 15, 2011 in Blog

Note: This is a guest blog post from Marisa Smith, President and Founder of the Whole Brain Group. I always feel guilty when I leave for a conference – is it going to be worth the expense and the time away from the office? Should I really be spending time and money “working on the business” when there are so many other pressing concerns in my inbox? I recently attend the Inc Magazine’s GrowCo 2011 Conference in Las Vegas with the usual worries running through my head. However, as I sat in our conference room after I returned, surrounded by my team engaged in lively discussion about customer service and company culture, I realized the worrying was the true waste of time. The next time you question whether or not a conference is worth it, ask yourself four questions: Will the office really fall apart without you? Is your company where you want it to be? Is there anything left for you to learn? Is there anyone left for you know? A stagnant company is a dead company – don’t let your worry about missing something at the office keep you from being inspired by the people and ideas we encounter at conferences like GrowCo or the WXW May...

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