Our Journey, Our Stories, Our Leadership

Our Journey, Our Stories, Our Leadership

Our Journey, Our Stories, Our Leadership

Stories make up rich oral traditions before even the development of the writing to transfer knowledge and shape future generations. Our lives are filled with stories that are amazing, funny, sad, intense, inspiring, and so much more. Embedded in our stories are essential truths about who we are, our talents and strengths, life lessons, and insights for greater wisdom.

Storytelling is an increasingly important leadership art and skill. Impactful storytelling enable leaders to inspire and motivate talent, transfer knowledge in leadership succession, embed organizational values, build high performance teams, and generate positive connectivity. Our time together will reflect on stories along the journey to learn more about ourselves as leaders. We will identify and share stories to obtain feedback which will enable polishing our stories while developing our storytelling skills.


Please bring 2-3 stories to share and prepare to tell each one in less than 3 minutes. All Attendees will have an opportunity to exchange their stories and obtain feedback to further develop their storytelling skills. Some important take ways from our story time will be to:

• identify important stories along our leadership journey;
• describe different types of stories that every leader needs;
• develop key storytelling skills
• exchange stories to connect to others who intersect and share in our current journey;
• gather feedback to build leadership skills for more effective storytelling;
• share insights from stories to make explicit what we know but do not have words yet to express;


Join us on Thursday, March 16th, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and leave inspired!


4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.         Check in, casual mingling, delicious appetizers
4:30 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.         Facilitated Workshop
5:45 p.m. –  6:00 p.m.         Wrap-up and close


$25.00 per adult (includes delicious appetizers!)

Location Address:

Mediterrano Restaurant, 2900 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Meet Diana J. Wong, Phd, CPLP

Diana WongDiana believes that with the willingness to learn, people can fulfill their dreams. For over five decades, she collected many lessons from stories in her global life journey that started in Vancouver and then Papua New Guinea, Norway, Massachusetts, China, and many other parts of the world in between. One of her 3-minute stories took 3 days to develop and captured 5 generations of women in her family. Currently, she is the Futrell Fellow of the Center for Professional Development and Associate Professor in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, & Organization Development at Eastern Michigan University.

As the founder of Sensei Change Associates, LLC, she leads a team to support clients in creating strategic plans, designing organization development processes to implement strategic change, developing leadership competencies for organizational change, and expanding leadership competencies with executive coaching. Her journey includes raising four children in Ann Arbor with her life partner and straddling both coasts to stay connected with family. You can learn more by visiting Diana’s website – www.senseichange.com/index.shtml.       

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