Annual Forum

WXW Forum17

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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Date: October 25, 2017

Time: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm


Washtenaw Community College – Morris Lawrence Building

4800 East Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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Share your wisdom and participate as a fantastic facilitator at WXW Forum17.  We are seeking amazing women to lead facilitated workshops.  Come be a part of the celebration of women in business!



You will be inspired ad amazed as to what WXW has to offer.



We are currently planning Forum17, but to give you a taste of this amazing day, check out Forum 2016’s program and lineup of events. We’ll be rocking the house again!


8:00am – 8:30am Registration & Cont’l Breakfast; Ask the Expert – Prem Sponsors; Head Shot Photos
8:30am – 8:45am Welcome – Forum16 Co-Chairs
8:45am – 9:30am Icebreakers
9:30am – 9:40am Transition
9:40am – 10:40am Workshop #1
10:40am – 10:50am Transition
10:50am – 12:05pm Workshop #2
12:05pm – 1:15 pm Lunch; Ask the Expert – All Ask the Expert Sponsors; Head Shot Photos
1:15pm – 2:00pm WXW Mountain Movers – Inspiring Success Stories
2:00pm – 2:10pm Transition
2:10pm – 3:25pm Workshop #3
3:25pm – 3:35pm Transition
3:35pm – 4:00pm Closing
4:00pm – 5:30pm Happy Hour; Ask the Expert – All Ask the Expert Sponsors; Head Shot Photos


ASK THE EXPERT – NEW for Forum16!Ask the Expert 158x106

What better way to learn, than to learn from your peers. Ask the Expert is an opportunity to talk to some of the best financial, fitness, marketing and other professionals in the area throughout the forum. Participating Companies:

– Keybank

– Toyota

– A2Y Chamber

– Bank of Ann Arbor

– Kemner Iott Benz Insurance

– Old National Bank



– Cardea Construction

– Impels Businss

– Dementia Specialists Homecare

– H3Fit

HEAD SHOT PHOTOS – New for Forum16!WXW Forum Head Shot for PhotoShoot

Is your head shot outdated? Is it hard to make time in your busy schedule to take new head shots? WXW is here to help! There will be opportunities during the Forum to get new head shots taken be a professional photographer. If you are interested, indicate your interest on the Registration form.




9:40 – 10:40am


1. The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

Facilitator – Beth Simon

Beth Simon

What are the core components of a rock-solid brand? How do today’s leading brands stand out and connect? How can the principles of brand strategy be applied to personal branding?

This workshop provides an introduction to how the best brands are built from the ground up and how enterprise brand strategy methods can be extended to personal branding.  Through guided exercises and real-world stories, you will understand the steps you can take to truly connect with your marketplace.



2. Carpe Diem: Seize Your Vacation Days with Travel Hacks

Facilitator – Vinal Desai Burbeck

Vinal Desai Burbeck

Are you a part of the 41% of Americans that didn’t take one single vacation day in 2015?  What is 2016 looking like right now?

Seize the Day with Vinal Desai Burbeck, travel addict and learn how experiences bring more lasting happiness than material purchases (think, more happiness than buying a pair of shoes).  Learn how to use that all important “time off” to its fullest for your mental well-being.


3. Mindful Business

Facilitator – Sandra Finkel

Mindfulness is showing up in more and more places these days, from corporate stress reduction programs in companies like GoogleSandy Finkel and Proctor & Gamble, to wellness and heart disease prevention classes, and even athletic teams.  The appeal is that mindfulness does so many positive things.  It’s a way of focusing attention to become calm on demand and better cope with challenges.  It is shown to have many health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, pain and inflammation and boosting the immune system.  And it helps to increase insight, awareness and perspective, so you don’t lose sight of what’s really important. We could all use a tool to help us become more poised, present and resilient.  Come join Sandra Finkel in this interactive workshop and experience the power of mindfulness and how it can contribute to flourishing lives and organizations.


4. You Really Can Sell – Tools for the Reluctant Saleswoman

Facilitator – Diane Sheldon-Ku

Diane Sheldon-Ku

The Gurus tell us “to do what we love” and for most of us, the “doing” part of the business is what we love. But, we can’t DO if we don’t have any customers. Join Diane for this interactive workshop that will provide you the opportunity to practice the skills needed to feel more comfortable getting those customers.

  • You will learn the importance of developing relationships to build your customer base and acquire the skills needed to take those steps you need to develop those relationships.
  • You will set up a plan to take back to your workplace and a process to ensure you continue implementing your new sales skills on and on-going basis.

Do what you love for you and all your customers.

10:50am – 12:05pm


5. Principles Leadership: The Road from Good to Great

Facilitator – Joan Vestrand

Do you want to be the leader your customers, employees and colleagues actually admire?  Then join Joan Vestrand for an interactiveJoan Vestrand conversation on why ethics matter to both personal and professional success and explore the science of ethical decision-making.

  • Come face-to-face with your subconscious and its powerful influence over your own choices and decisions.
  • Learn strategies to avoid the “slippery slope” of self-destruction and how to demonstrate personal integrity with a positive attitude and optimism.

Joan has conducted this workshop for military academies, numerous college and universities and corporate and organizational audiences around the county including the U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets every year. Raise the bar for your ability to lead and achieve superior leadership with Joan Vestrand.



6. Reposition Yourself – Without a GPS

Breeda Miller

Facilitator – Breeda Miller 

Do you wish you could just ask SIRI for directions to your next career move?  Oh, if it were only that simple.

Join Breeda Miller as she takes you through the steps to Repositioning Yourself – without a GPS. 

You will incorporate critical thinking and build practical creative skills to move from a commitment for something new to taking your next steps and making it happen.



7. Smart Women – Smart Financial and Legal Choices: What does Estate Planning have to do with running my business?

Facilitators – Caroline Bielas, Kristen Roy, Theresa Rose 

A good estate plan is critical for business owners.  It will ensure your business continues to support you if you should become incapacitated or will live on the way you want it to live on.

Caroline, Kristen, and Theresa will introduce the tools needed to work together to ensure a smooth transition under the challenging times of your life.  You will leave knowing what type of estate and financial planning avoids costly mistakes, makes sense for your unique situation and ensures your legacy will live on.

Finance, Law

8. YES! And…Your Way to Great Service.  How Improv can Improve your Business

Facilitator – Josie Ann Lee Draybuck

Josie Ann Lee Draybuck, co-owner, Balance Massage Therapy

Do you want to learn one simple word that can transform your business and your life? YES! And…

Do you want to find simple and effective tools that will help you develop your team, your culture, and your systems? YES! And…

Are you looking for a way to help get your business to the next level? YES! And this is the workshop for you!

Imagine you’re standing on a stage with one other person. It’s just the two of you and in the next five minutes you’re supposed to create a scene, dialogue, props, and a storyline that will capture your audience’s attention. Feel LONELY? SCARY? EXCITED?

How many of you have had those same feelings about your career, your business, or your future? Improvisational skills are being taught at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School to address creativity, innovation, teamwork, leadership, communication, and negotiation skills. Josie has created a process to transition these skills to the area of business near and dear to her, Customer Service. You will learn how to listen to your customers, how the way you react and adapt to them can be affecting the performance of your business and what steps you might need to change and how being correct 10% of the time can result in a very successful company. Join Josie for this interactive workshop and put these skills to work for you.


2:10pm – 3:35pm


9. Sticky Situations: Surviving Conflict, Change & Challenging People

Facilitator – Sarah Brabbs

Sarah Brabbs

Do you work with, live with, or know an “a******”? Want to improve that relationship? Then come experience a workshop with Sarah Brabbs and learn life-changing information about difficult people, conflict, and change.

You’ll learn what communicative behaviors lead us into troubled deep waters and how to navigate those waters instead, how to handle difficult people around you and how to smartly navigate change.

Jody Heath, a Vice President at Manpower in Ann Arbor, says this about Sarah: “I enjoyed the presentation so much that I attended it a second time to reinforce what I learned.”


10. Move the Needle with your Creativity

Facilitators – Linette Lao & Kim DeBord

Complacency and stagnation can destroy the company you worked so hard to create or just result in a life that is less than you Linette Lao Kim DeBorddeserve.  Spend some time with Linette Lao and Kim DeBord, creative collaborators as they take you through a world where creativity can smash your habit of doing the same thing, the same way, all the time.

You will discover your own inner creativity, acquire tools to look at your product, process, or problem differently and implement innovative ideas to move the needle forward. And yes, there will be coffee.



11. Next Level Confidence

Facilitator – Cheranissa Roach

Are you hoping and dreaming about moving to the next level in your life? You want that dream job, dream business or dream man but cannot seem to muster up the confidence that will help you get there.

Cheranissa Roach

Do you often struggle with believing that your dreams can actually come true? If you answered yes, then join Life Coach, Speaker and Published Author Cheranissa Roach as she helps you reorganize your thoughts about yourself and instructs you on how to  develop a plan to improve your confidence and positive thoughts that are necessary for you to have your dream life.  Look no further than this workshop which is designed to help you reach the next level in your life.

During this workshop you will have many aha moments. They are the catalyst for you to become more confident and unstoppable. You will learn why changing your thoughts about yourself is key to your success, how negative thinking and negative emotions are the root cause of you being stuck and how to get unstuck, how to develop a strategy to increase your confidence, and how this strategy can be key to the life change you have only dreamed of until now. You will have a formula to put in place immediately to increase your confidence 10X.


12. WXW Exchange Session

WXW Women are full of new and unique ideas to help you with your professional challenge. Bring your challenge to the Forum and spend some time with some amazing women as you talk it through and find a way to move your business forward.




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