Turning Your Passion into a Business

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Turning Your Passion into a Business Forum16 Facilitator, Vinal Burbeck, shares her story of how she turned her passion into a business.  Check out her story! Vinal Desai Burbeck, Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) is the founder of Wanderlark a travel & event planning company. Vinal started Wanderlark for one simple reason, she believes that a positive experience has the power to generate more long-lasting happiness than any material object. As it Chief Experience Officer, Vinal creates, customized and unique experiences. Before founding Wanderlark, Vinal was a Senior Account Manager at Google, where she led digital marketing strategy for live entertainment clients. She received numerous awards, including GooglersGive “Ambassador of the Year” for her leadership of Google Ann Arbor’s volunteer efforts. Vinal has also held a variety of positions at the University of Michigan, currently lives in Ann Arbor and loves exploring, eating & drinking her way through other cities as often as...

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Investing in Culture

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Investing in Culture WXW Forum16 Facilitator Josie Anne Lee shares lessons she’s learned on Investing in Culture. Josie’s parents owned a country store on the same property as their house. She literally grew up in a business. Her love for business was born dusting the shelves of Hickory Market. Growing up behind the counter of a family run business set off a spark in her that will never go out. Hickory Market taught her the importance of treating customers right. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1996, she moved to Chicago to study Improv at the Players Workshop of The 2nd City. Improv changed her life. It taught her to listen harder, to think faster, and to find ways to say YES! Josie returned to Ann Arbor to start her own business, Balance Massage Therapy and build on the lessons she knew, both business and Improv. Her successful business leaves a mark on over 150 people every day and her goal is to make sure that mark has a lasting and positive impact. Everyone is someone’s most important person. Her business doesn’t just recognize this, it celebrates it. Even on the most challenging days, she is grateful, hungry, and excited by the privilege to run a business....

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Create a Bigger Life

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Create a Bigger Life WXW Forum 2015, facilitator Amelia “Mimi” Brown is an award-winning speaker, trainer, author and coach specializing in the art and craft of speaking and selling.  She teaches entrepreneurs, women business owners and business leaders how to speak and sell with more power, passion and pizzazz!  Thank you Mimi for sharing your blog for business and success tips! Check out her Blog!  ...

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