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Posted by on May 9, 2018 in Blog

INVESTING IN CULTURE Guest Blog Post by Josie Ann Lee I imagine like other small business owners, “culture” wasn’t at the top of my to do list when we first opened our business in 2008. Survival was rooted in the basics. We needed a team and we needed clients. It was as simple as that. What our business felt like wasn’t something keeping me up at night. When my number one goal was breaking even, I was longing for the day that I was able to get better problems. In October of 2014 that day presented itself. In truth, it had been a long and winding road leading up to our cultural tipping point. A lot of that journey was spent in equal parts of hope and denial. THE HOPE YEARS:​ In the early days of the business everything was exciting. It was exciting to be open, exciting to meet new teammates, exciting to set up the business, talk about the business, and work in the business. That energy carried us for about a year. As we continued to get deeper into the business our energy shifted from excitement to exhaustion. The business required all of me. Nearly every waking hour was spent at work, thinking about work, and...

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Female Leadership Is on the Rise

Posted by on May 3, 2018 in Blog

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and USC Marshall’s is tracking its evolution. Check out this infographic with interesting statistics on female leadership and what the rise of women-owned business can do for our economy. Female Leadership is on the Rise – Great Article and Infographics...

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Sponsor a WXW Monthly-Event

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Blog

Want to get your business in front of more than 1240 women in the Washtenaw County area?   Then jump on this opportunity to sponsor a WXW monthly event! At only $150, it’s the BEST marketing move you can make.    Sponsor a monthly workshop and put yourself in the spotlight! This is what you get: One ticket to the monthly event. Two minutes on “stage” at the beginning of the event to talk about your business. Your business logo on all the promotional emails for the event (typically four separate messages.) Option to leave your brochures on attendees tables, and side table The fulfillment of knowing that you’ve helped to support the leading professional and personal development organization for women in Washtenaw County Contact Stacy Collick or Monica Gobba...

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