Success Stories

Samantha West

Samantha West

Director of Communications

Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter

“My first event with WXW, the 2012 Forum, got me completely hooked. I laughed, cried, hugged complete strangers, feverishly scribbled copious notes and words of inspiration, and met people that I have since formed meaningful personal and business relationships with. By the end of the day, I was so passionate about WXW and on board with its mission that I volunteered to help out with the group. I have attended almost every WXW event since, and each one unquestionably leaves me feeling energized and inspired in a way that feels almost like having a really great hangout with a bunch of your smartest and most kindred girlfriends — you know, the kind who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it, and will love you and support you while giving you the kick in the pants that you didn’t even know you needed. As I proceed to tell every woman I know about the virtues of WXW, I do, however, often issue a warning: it’s kind of like crack. All it takes is once, and you’ll get totally hooked too.”

Jackie_Jenkins_HiResJackie Jenkins

Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Business Development Manager

Bank of Ann Arbor

“With WXW, I have found a network of professionals happy to be working, volunteering, playing and growing in the Ann Arbor area. I frequently refer to WXW as ”my tribe” because of the support and friendship.  Attending a WXW event inspires my enthusiasm and I take a fresh energy back to my workplace.”


Breeda's Head Shots 004Breeda Miller

Associate Director of Events

University of Michigan Health System

“One year ago I knew I needed a career change. I didn’t know where to go or what I wanted to do, I just knew I was ready for something new. I saw an announcement about a group called WXW and an event called The Forum. I had no idea what it was or whether it was right for me. I took a leap and signed up, not knowing what the group was or what the heck “Forum” was even about. It was one of the better decisions of my life.
That day in October I met an extraordinary group of women whose sole purpose is to support one another and improve the quality of life for women in business in Washtenaw county. I was so impressed that I offered to help and am now a member of the WXW Board. After that first event I made contacts and met amazing women who set in motion a series of meetings and events that I could never have imagined. I am now in the midst of fulfilling my lifelong dreams of professional speaking and acting and I  have a fabulous new job. Best of all, I have come to know amazing women from a wide array of professions that I know I can call upon for support, advice or just to have good time. WXW can be a catalyst for change for you too.”

Praveena Jayabal Ramaswami

Praveena Jayabal Ramaswami

Team Leader

Calty Design Research of the TOYOTA Design Network

“I love being in a WXW event filled with motivated women from all backgrounds and professions who inspire and challenge me further.
WXW is different from other organization events, as its allows me to be honest and open about topics experienced by women in the workplace. Confidentiality is a given. I can network with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in our community, and I have been given insightful advice and offered mentoring. This is why I have continued and encourage others to attend WXW events.”


Eleni Kelakos

Eleni Kelakos

Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

The Eleni Group

“Whether hanging out and hula hooping at the WXW Summerfest event, participating in a heated, helpful discussion at a breakout session during the WXW Forum, or leading a seminar for WXW attendees, I have been able to catalyze, nurture and develop countless valuable relationships through my involvement with this dynamic organization . Many of these relationships have blossomed into actual, paying business—icing on the cake of the friendships and associations I treasure.”


Megan Torrance - Torrance LearningMegan Torrance



“WXW is an amazing connector of dots for me, and for my business.  I’ve met amazing women who inspire me and who push me to new and greater things.  I’ve connected up with businesses that have helped my business grow, and I’ve found just the right people to refer others when I need to.  The range of topics covered in the events – oh, and the annual Forum conference! – addresses the full spectrum of business issues I face: goals, growth, people, finance, public policy, sales, public relations, team-building, work-life balance…. and too many others to count!   The women of WXW have been there when I need them, in the ups, downs, and all-arounds of founding and growing my business.”


Carole Baker - Solutions FirstCarole Baker

CFO and WXW Co-President

Scalable Informatics

“When I first got involved with WXW, networking was really a chore for me.  I just never felt very proficient at it.  But through WXW, I both learned some skills to keep in my pocket for networking events, and I’ve just met tons of great, fun, engaging women so that when I go to events at WXW, or anywhere else in our community, I usually see familiar faces.

Being a solo practitioner can also be a little bit of a lonely business lifestyle. But through WXW, I’ve met a lot of others in my same shoes, and the events cover such a broad variety of topics that I feel like I’m always adding something new to my problem solving toolkit, for both myself and my clients.”


Deb Nystrom - Reveln ConsultingDeb Nystrom


“I LOVE to refer women to the WXW because of their deep understanding of how to make it work for women in this county and this state. The energy of WXW is strongly positive! No memberships are required, just your heart that’s open to meeting & helping others as well as yourself. They understand it is about US truly connecting, not selling, helping each other as friends not just contacts, and referring each other, not just being social. Indeed, my first foray to WXW felt like a breakthrough professional debutante party. Whether you’re in a suit or funky heels with bling, it’s a group of women who will accept & support you for who you are now and for what you are becoming.”