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During our events, book references often come up in discussion.  Listed below is a catalog of some of the titles that have come up in recent events for you information and enjoyment!

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Books from “101 Ways to Jumpstart your Business”

“The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business”– Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman founded as an alternative to the business school boondoggle. His blog has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to the best business books and most powerful business concepts of all time. Now, he shares the essentials of entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, negotiation, operations, productivity, systems design, and much more, in one comprehensive volume. The Personal MBA distills the most valuable business lessons into simple, memorable mental models that can be applied to real-world challenges. [Find it on Amazon]

Books from February “WXW Unscripted”

“The Jelly Effect” – Andy Bounds

The Jelly Effect teaches you simple, memorable and costless ways to win more attention and more business. Imagine how effective you’d be if you communicated only what was relevant 100 percent of the time. You would be better at talking to others, presenting, networking and selling. You would excel in interviews, meetings and pay-rise discussions. The benefits would be endless.The Jelly Effect shows you how to raise your game to a different level. [Find it on Amazon]

“Broken Open” – Elizabeth Lesser

In a beautifully crafted blend of moving stories, humorous insights, practical guidance, and personal memoir, Elizabeth Lesser offers tools to help us make the choice we all face in times of challenge. Lesser shares tales of ordinary people who have risen from the ashes of illness, divorce, loss of a job or a loved one – stronger, wiser, and more in touch with their purpose and passion and draws on the world’s great spiritual and psychological traditions to support us as we too learn to break open and blossom into who we were meant to be. [Find it on Amazon]

“Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” – Susan Cain

Although they are often labeled “quiet,” it is to introverts that we owe many of the great contributions to society–from van Gogh’s sunflowers to the invention of the personal computer. Cain introduces us to successful introverts–from a witty, high-octane public speaker who recharges in solitude after his talks, to a record-breaking salesman who quietly taps into the power of questions. Finally, she offers invaluable advice on everything from how to better negotiate differences in introvert-extrovert relationships to how to empower an introverted child to when it makes sense to be a “pretend extrovert.” [Find it on Amazon]

Books from “Tough Talk”

“Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High” – Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

The first edition of Crucial Conversations exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way millions of people communicate when stakes are high. This new edition gives you the tools to prepare for high-stakes situations, transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, make it safe to talk about almost anything, and be persuasive, not abrasive. [Find it on Amazon]

“Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time” – Susan Scott

Susan Scott believes that interpersonal difficulties–at work and at home–are a direct result of our inability to communicate well. Using identifiable anecdotes from her experience to inspire and inform, along with a series of practical exercises designed to impart the requisite skills, Scott walks readers through the individual steps she’s developed to build better associations through more robust and honest discourses. She offers the type of concrete advice and confidence-building counsel that should help even the most reticent improve their communication skills dramatically. [Find it on Amazon]

“Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most” – Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen

We’ve all been there: We know we must confront someone about an especially sticky situation–and we know the encounter will be uncomfortable. So we repeatedly mull it over until we can no longer put it off, and then finally stumble through the confrontation. This book offers advice for handling these unpleasant exchanges in a manner that accomplishes their objective and diminishes the possibility that anyone will be needlessly hurt. If you honestly are interested in elevating your communication skills, this book will walk you through both mistakes and remedies in a way that will boost your confidence when such unavoidable clashes arise. [Find it on Amazon]

“Difficult Conversations: What to Say in Tricky Situations Without Ruining the Relationship” – Anne Dickson

Anne Dickson describes a range of difficult conversations that frequently occur in intimate, social and work situations, and reveals simple but powerful techniques that will help you to transform the situation. You’ll discover how to: communicate directly and honestly without damaging your relationships; keep to your point without backing down or getting into a fight; initiate a discussion without encountering resistance or attack; offer criticism without antagonising the other person; manage your anxiety and develop genuine confidence in your authority; and much more. [Find it on Amazon]

Upcoming: WXW Book Club in May

“That’s Not What I Meant!: How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships” – Deborah Tannen

At home, on the job, in a personal relationship, it’s often not what you say but how you say it that counts. The internationally renowned sociolinguist and expert on communication demonstrates how our conversational signals—voice level, pitch and intonation, rhythm and timing, even the simple turns of phrase we choose—are powerful factors in the success or failure of any relationship. Regional speech characteristics, ethnic and class backgrounds, age, and individual personality all contribute to diverse conversational styles that can lead to frustration and misplaced blame if ignored—but provide tools to improve relationships if they are understood. At once eye-opening, astute, and vastly entertaining, Tannen’s classic work on interpersonal communication will help you to hear what isn’t said and to recognize how your personal conversational style meshes or clashes with others. [Find it on Amazon]