Annual Forum 2017

WXW Forum18

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Washtenaw Community College – Morris Lawrence Building
4800 East Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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Check out past Forum Videos to get a taste of what you will experience.  You will be inspired and amazed as to what WXW has to offer.



8:00am  –  8:20am Registration, Breakfast & Networking
8:20am  –  9:10am Welcome & Ice Breaker Activity
9:10am  –  9:20am Break & Transition
9:20am  –  10:30am Workshop #1
10:30am  –  10:40am Break & Transition
10:40am  –  11:50pm Workshop #2
11:50pm  –  12:20pm Lunch
12:20pm  –  1:20pm Panel & Discussion
1:20pm  –  1:30pm Break & Transition
1:30pm  –  2:20pm Exchange Session
2:20pm  –  2:30pm Break & Transition
2:30pm  –  3:40pm Workshop #3
3:40pm  –  3:45pm Break & Transition
3:45pm  –  4:00pm Closing Remarks
4:00pm  –  5:00pm Networking Reception



We’ve left Forum17’s juicy details up on the site while we work on 2018’s program.  Check out some of the amazing workshops!  Stay tuned for information on Forum18…. Save October 17, 2018 date and check back!

9:30 – 10:40am Workshops #1


1. Anchoring Positivity

Facilitator – Sandy Finkel

Research shows that the benefits of a more positive mindset include better physical health, psychological well-being, success, creativity and resilience. But how do you integrate that into your daily life, especially when things are especially stressful? Come discover several methods of shifting into greater positivity with rituals to anchor it so it becomes a new habit. This experiential session will introduce a number of approaches to increasing positive emotion, including appreciation, positive outcome imagery, complements, and loving-kindness.


2. Ignite Transformation and Know Your Worth

Facilitator – Millie Chu

Do you feel like you are on the verge of starting the next amazing chapter in your life but you’ve been stuck on the same page for a while? Perhaps it may even seem like you could see yourself living the life you want where it is so close you could almost grab it, but your physical self is running out of breath trying to catch up to it. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify if barriers are holding you back and what they are
  • Strategically determine your destiny
  • Know your worth to become the leader you are meant to be


3. Turn Your Website Into a Powerful Lead Generation Engine

Facilitator – Jayne Burch

Interested in turning website clicks into clients? Attend this workshop to learn how to apply inbound marketing principles to your current website to attract more of the right visitors and convert them to qualified leads. Discover what’s working now in your business’ marketing, what is not working, and why. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their current website for lead generation readiness and be guided through developing their own customized inbound marketing strategy and action plan.


10:50 – 12:00pm Workshops #2


1. Nimble Networking – Plan and Prepare

Facilitators – Shannon Beeman and Angela Kujava

Being a confident and effective networker sets you apart in today’s highly competitive world. You increase your visibility, feel in control, and create career and business opportunities for yourself. In this workshop, Angela Kujava and Shannon Beeman who have built successful careers through their know-how and who-they-know will unmask effective networking so you’re making the right contacts and never wasting precious time to reach your personal and professional goals. From being at the top of your game when attending seminars and conferences to knowing what to talk about while standing in line at the store, you’ll destroy any fears of working the room and learn how to communicate with anyone


2. Extreme Personal Brand Makeover

Facilitator – Sarah Stanley

Want to strengthen or revitalize your personal brand? Attend this interactive workshop to learn how three candidates (selected two weeks before the Forum) can enhance their online personal brand. Work together with other participants in small groups led by a member of Hoyden Creative Group to help the candidates and walk away with tips you can apply to enhance your own personal brand. Real-time activities may include revised content, headshots, joining groups of interest, making new connections, posting articles, and more. The workshop will conclude with each working group exchanging cards to build their own personal networks and watching the big reveal of the “Extreme Personal Brand Makeover”.


3. Beginning From the End

Facilitator – Eva Neuhaus

We all want to be relaxed and happy, but often we make ourselves miserable doing things that we think will ensure future happiness. What if we brought our ultimate target of happiness and relaxation into the now, and used it as a starting point to pursue our goals? If we had already achieved our goals, how would we feel and act? This approach generates a creative, solution-oriented mindset that enables us to get where we want to go faster, and enjoy ourselves in the process.

In this reflective and interactive workshop, you will:

  • Play with tools such as guided visualization and journaling to flesh out your ideal vision for an area of your life that you’d like to cultivate
  • Identify both concrete goals (WHAT you want) and emotional targets (HOW you’d like to feel)
  • Establish a timeline for making the dream a reality
  • Determine next steps you can take to bring elements of your ideal vision into your life RIGHT NOW


4. Use Your Influence to Change Your Customers’ Lives

Facilitator – Colette Douglas

Despite its size, every organization must be able to deliver exceptional customer service if they plan to remain competitive and grow their business. That service all begins with determination and sheer focus to make it

happen. When an organization has a reputation for excellence, every employee must work smarter to ensure that excellence continues for internal and external customers hour after hour and day after day. What can you do to improve your customer service and improve your reputation?

This workshop will:

  • Help participants understand that customer service is simple but NOT easy to deliver.
  • Offer radical ideas for solutions to turning customers into clients.
  • Introduce the methods and strategies to take the customer experience to new levels and how to use their influence to make it happen.
  • Enable participants to articulate how they will introduce best practices to improve their customer experience for every customer every time

12:30 – 1:30pm Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker – Diane Batayeh

Diane Batayeh is the CEO of Village Green Holding LLC., one of the nation’s largest apartment companies. As CEO, Ms. Batayeh is responsible for the company’s global, strategic and operations programs and its 1200 employees. Village Green manages 40,000 units in 90 different cities around the country. In 2017, Village Green reported a 30% increase in profits and V-Suites, its furnished apartment division, was named Crain’s #1 Cool Place to Work.

For Diane, what started as a part-time college job turned into a career-making climb up the company ladder – to the very top. Over the years, she gained experience in every aspect of the organization, from sales, management, marketing, acquisitions, and dispositions, to development, finance, market research and construction. As our inspiring keynote, l Diane will share the lessons she learned along the way through stories and advice, delivered with humor and heart.


1:40 – 2:30pm Exchange Sessions

WXW Women are full of new and unique ideas to help you with your professional challenge. Bring your challenge to the Forum and spend some time with some amazing women as you talk it through and find a way to move your business forward.

1. Marketing/Sales

2. Career Transition

3. Solopreneur

4. Politics in the Work Place


2:40 – 3:40pm Workshops #3


1. Meditative Doodling – The Zentangle Method

Facilitator – Karen Gordon

Looking for a creative outlet and pause to find peace of mind? Attend this workshop to learn about The Zentangle Method, a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  This enlightening practice increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction, and increases your sense of personal well-being.

Though it may appear intricate and complicated at first, The Zentangle Method is actually quite simple … not to mention fun and engrossing. Many people think they can’t create art and are astonished by the 3.5′′ square piece of art they create during their very first class. Soon afterward they begin asking themselves what else they thought was impossible that just might be possible. Check it out and doodle for yourself!


2. Emotional Side of Money

Facilitator – Louise Morse

Want to manage your money better? It’s more than just dollars in your bank account, you need to recognize the significant role emotions play in our financial decisions. Attending this workshop to learn more about this important relationship between mind and money can help you make decisions to plan, protect and pursue your wealth.


3. How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Crime

Facilitators – Stephanie Scheuermann and Marcia Mangold

In our online world, it’s easy for information to get in the wrong hands or to become a victim of cyber-crime. In this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs to protect yourself and your business. Through interactive exercises, you will get a deep dive into phishing and identify scenarios where you are most vulnerable. All participants will leave the workshop with the knowledge they can put in place every day to keep safe and encourage others to do the same…

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