What is WXW?

QUICK FACTS ABOUT WXW:sharing_experience

WXW was created to connect women with other women in an open, supportive environment. We host monthly events dedicated to personal development, professional development, and networking. Since 2007, WXW has helped thousands of business women connect, learn, and succeed.

  • WXW received an award from the US Small Business Administration for its role as “Champions of Women in Business.”
  • Hundreds of women (and some warmhearted men) attend our events.
  • Our mailing list of 1000+ business leaders continues to grow.
  • Of our attendees, 40% are business owners and “solopreneurs,” 40% are at various levels inside local corporations, and 20% work in nonprofits, education, and government.
  • Our events offer topics and content that is timely and pertinent– in fact, people often ask us how we come up with such great topics and find our expert panelists and facilitators.
  • Each year, we have a massive day-long event where 130+ attendees participate in workshops, panels, and interactive conversations. This year it will be held on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at Washtenaw Community college in the Morris Lawrence Building. Read more about it in Events



What do companies/individuals gain from participation in WXW?

  • Networking opportunities and direct contact with women business leaders.
  • Monthly opportunities to learn and talk about pressing business and personal topics.
  • Exposure to hundreds of business women.
  • The opportunity to form strong bonds with people in the business community.


Why do companies become WXW sponsors?

  • To show their support for women in business and our business community.
  • To help those people who are starting and growing companies in our area.
  • To encourage women to become better leaders within local companies.