Our organization runs so efficiently because of our amazingly efficient, volunteer-driven committees.

Want to get involved by lending your skills to WXW? We would LOVE to have you. Your time and expertise are very valuable to our organization. Please contact us to let us know what committee interests you.

Our committees are as follows:

Volunteer Coordination

  • Stefanie Roberts, Align Chiropractic
  • Anna Zinkel, SPARK


  • Maggie Gibbons, Alzheimer’s Association
  • Deborah Campbell, Deborah Campbell + Coach
  • Millie Chu, Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


  • Margaret Loy, Print-Tech, Inc.
  • Dee Davey, On An Adventure


  • Tina Heusel, Benz Insurance
  • Megan Crosbie, Charles Reinhart Company


  • Stacy Collick, Dollar Bill Copying
  • Carole Baker, Scalable Informatics, Inc.