Our organization runs so efficiently because of our volunteer-driven committees. Our committees are as follows:

Events/Professional Development
*Joyce Koehn, MetLife
*Breeda Miller, University of Michigan Health System

*Lori Byron, Famous in Your Field
*Samantha West, Bank of Ann Arbor
Renee Pinter, Synergie Interactive
Carole Baker, Solutions First, LLC
Megan Crosbie, Charles Reinhart Company Realtors
Jessy Sowers, Two Foot Creative

Forum13 (to be held October 10, 2013 at Washtenaw Community College)
*Megan Crosbie, Reinhart Realtors
*Claire Hughes, Zoompazt LLC
Lori Byron, Famous in Your Field
Melissa Combs, Hammond-Associates
Meg Fairchild, Torrance Learning
Joyce Koehn, MetLife
Beth Miller, Internet2
Heidi Weise, Clearly Aligned


*Committee Co-Chairs

Want to get involved by lending your skills to WXW? We would LOVE to have you. Your time and expertise are very valuable to our organization. Please contact us to let us know what committee interests you.