About WXW

How is WXW different?

In 2007, the Women’s Exchange of Washtenaw (WXW) was developed for women in business in Southeaster Michigan and the region. WXW fills a unique and shared need as a women’s business group. It’s a collaborative, supportive environment where we can share our struggles and our triumphs. Our events are DIFFERENT because they are…

* INTERACTIVE – We’ve all attended too many events where a speaker or panel talks at the audience. WXW promises that event attendees will actually talk through specific issues, share stories and struggles, and work together to find solutions.

* OPEN – At WXW events, attendees choose the direction and content of the conversation. Questions, issues, ideas – all are encouraged in an open and confidential environment.

* FUN – As working women with hectic lives, we may often feel overwhelmed or isolated. WXW is a place where we can have FUN, connect, laugh, talk through issues, and be ourselves.

 We’re different from other organizations because we:

  • End the isolation many women business leaders feel by providing a relaxed and confidential environment where we can help each other and improve our organizations.
  • Provide an alternative to standard networking meetings where attendees have no input on the presentation, learn very little, and make few decent connections.
  • Help local companies grow and prosper because of connections made through WXW.
  • Advocate, engage and mentor women who want to grow their companies and improve their leadership skills.

WXW’s Vision

To build the strongest, most-connected and vital women’s business network across the region.

WXW’s Mission

The mission of the Women’s Exchange of Washtenaw (WXW) is to host unique events where women business leaders really talk through their issues, share experiences and ideas, and form lasting connections.